Mike and Shannon’s engagement session at Craggy Gardens

Yet again I am trying to catch up on my blog! Now that wedding and holiday season have slowed down I hope to update both my blog and website with all the fabulous weddings and engagements I had the chance to photograph this year! 2014 was an incredible year for me. I got to photograph at a lot of new venues and I also got to travel quite a bit. I am so thankful for everyone who entrusted their wedding photography to me! All my brides and grooms were so phenomenal!

When I started uploading these photos this morning it was 3 degrees outside. That is cold for us southerners. I am pretty sure that is just cold in general though no matter where you live. Anyway the cold reminded me of this beautiful but freezing fall engagement session with Mike and Shannon at Craggy Gardens. We were hoping for a little more fall color since Asheville had such a late fall, but apparently Craggy is in its own weather vortex! It looked like winter up there and goodness was it cold! Mike and Shannon are from New York so of course they weren’t phased by this temperature drop! Thankfully they brought hot chocolate with them! I am so excited that they wanted to have some cool props. It just brings an editorial element to these lifestyle photos!

I am SO excited for Mike and Shannon’s wedding at The Venue in downtown Asheville this summer. I am pretty sure July will be a nice warm change from this October day!