Mary Lorraine and Preston’s Sea Island, Ga. Wedding


Finally I am getting around to blogging this epic wedding! I have almost been intimidated to to write this post because there is Just. So. Much. To. Say.

I first met the Stewart girls when I met Rebecca, Mary Lorraine’s older sister, my freshman year of high school at The Lovett School in Atlanta. Incidentally the same place where I feel in love with photography. Rebecca quickly befriended me and became one of my good friends at Lovett. I met Mary Lorraine when I would go over to Bec’s house to hang out. A few years later Mary Lorraine started going to Camp Merri-Mac here in NC, the same camp I grew up going to.  The camp bond is something that never leaves. Fast forward a few more years and I see that Mary Lorraine was engaged. I secretly hoped she would contact me to photograph her wedding. Lo and behold she did! I could not have been more thrilled and even more so when she told me her wedding was going to be in Sea Island, Georgia. This mountain girl was ready to get to the coast and to my home state!

When describing Mary Lorraine and her family to my second shooter and amazing friend Jen, the first word I used was FUN! They are just plain fun! They are always happy, always laughing, always dancing, and always singing! If I knew anything at all, I knew this wedding would be just that, fun. We were not disappointed!

All events throughout the weekend were held at different venues around Sea Island. They also did all the catering, baking, and floral arrangements! Every single bit was stunning!

Mary Lorraine said yes (sorry could not help myself) to her gorgeous Lazaro wedding gown from Bridals by Lori in Atlanta.

Where the Groomsmen got ready and the first look took place were all at the stunning Frederica Golf Club.

Ceremony was held at Wesley United Methodist Church at Frederica.

Makeup by Bienvenue.

Hair by Uberzoot Hair Co.

Bridesmaids gowns by Adrianna Papell.

AMAZING party band out of Atlanta Mo Sol!

The after party that I can’t wait to tell you about was a Silent Disco!

My stunning friend Rebecca!

I love this photo of the sisters each fixing each other’s clothes!

You can’t go to your wedding without one last karaoke song with girlfriends!

Groomsmen getting ready photos by the lovely and uber talented Jen Haynes!

Loved this clubhouse!

“But first let me take a selfie”

LOVED Preston’s reaction to seeing Mary Lorraine for the first time!

I am a HUGE fan of first looks on wedding day. If you ever having any questions about them or the reasons why to do them please contact me!

You might not be able to tell but these walls are oyster shells. A lot of the buildings were like this. I just love the coast!

I also LOVE Live Oaks. They are my favorite trees. They have so much history. They are just comforting to me. I adore how they are dripping in Spanish Moss!

This cotton was grown on Preston’s grandma’s farm in Mississippi. Such a sweet southern touch!

Mary Lorraine’s dad and step dad walked her down the aisle. So sweet!

Preston’s mom surprised Mary Lorraine and Preston with this groom’s cake of their beloved dog, Mr. Jefferson! Also it was rice krispies!

Mary Lorraine was part of an a cappella group in college. The girls sang the most gorgeous song  during the ceremony and then one of the girls sang with the band during the reception for a song. It was AMAZING! I am pretty sure the band was blown away by her!

Also see the big screen behind the stage? ML really wanted a some day slideshow to give the guests something to talk about and get conversations started. I had never attempted this at a wedding before. I would take the photos and Jen was like the wizard of oz behind that curtain throwing a quick edit on the photos and putting the slideshow on the screen.  I am so thankful this worked out!!!

Sea Island legend Billy Bingo surprised all the wedding guests by making an appearance.

OOOOOOOooooooooo Clickety Click! 66!

Wigs, plastic light up microphones, and glasses were passed out on silver platters during the reception.

See……. FUN!

Sweet High School buddies!

And this my friends was the after party and the Silent Disco. Guest put on headphones and a DJ pumps the music into the wireless headphones. It was so wild walking in and seeing everyone dancing and singing but not hearing any music. Once I put the headphones I totally got it!!!! It was SUCH a BLAST! Seriously I cannot wait to go to another Silent Disco! Also it eliminates noise ordinances so the party could last all night long!

Even the band joined in on the fun!

What a night!

What a weekend!

Thank you so much to the Stewart, McDonald, Poole families!

Thank you for hosting such fabulous parties!

Thank you for having me to Sea Island and for choosing me to be your photographer. I loved every single second!

Too many more years of FUN!